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Re-lacquering panels

Hello, but of an introduction to my problem

I recently purchased a run around which is a white Ford Galaxy, it was a bit of a bargain and has been used as a motorsport 'ambulance', so the sides we're stickered up with red and yellow square batton marking.

So we've removed the stickers, knowing full well it could damage the paint underneath, and of course it has, the lacquer has been pulled off in patches with the stickers.

Now I'm not really bothered about it being perfect, it's purely a workhorse we bought for carting around our mountain bikes, but we do need to re-lacquer the necessary bits for protection.

My question is, can the lacquer be blended into the rest of the panel? No base coat has been damaged, so I'm hoping with a bit of patience it can be sorted.

I've bought some Upol 1k lacquer, hoping to give it a go this weekend, so hints and tips appreciated! Thanks
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