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Originally Posted by Kaz View Post
100%, it's pretty obvious, most of it has come off with a square edge that you can feel. The sides were cleaned with Tardis and all the glue has been removed.

It's a 2000 later shape, pic before the stickers were removed.

Not had a chance to have a go with it yet, will try later this week.
Yes, it can be blended in if you have a spray gun and compressor for using a fade out thinner after lacquering the area... If you are going for the aerosol tins then would be just as simple to 1200 the whole panel and get a nice even couple of coats on... You can always 2500 wet sand and polish after if its a orange peel...

Might be worth checking out a local bodyshop just for a cost idea...

Hope its helps..Good luck and post some pic's when done
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