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Originally Posted by 121DOM View Post
Out of interest what are real mileage reductions now the weather is warm / hot and have the aircon on?
We don’t own electric yet as the honest (french !!??) salespeople for several brand we have spoken to said 50% - 60% reduction in range. I can probably believe them as 99% of EV’s you see have all the windows down and some very hot and uncomfortable looking occupants .

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During summer months a full charge on my 40kWh leaf will show between 150-180 miles. In the winter it can show between 110-130. I’ve not driven more than 60 miles in a single trip for well over a year thanks to new job and covid. So it’s never been drained to see what I would actually get. If I turn the heaters a/c on I can lose 4-6miles off the total range according to the predicted range on the dashboard.
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