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In a Tesla 3 Performance for a couple of days, colleague has his brand new one delivered and it developed a motor fault the next day. So Tesla have given him this replacement and as it has free supercharging I've borrowed it.

What's it like? It's ok. That's it, nothing really special to say. Seats are awful compared to my Volvo ones. I think they're leather seats but it's bordering on the side of plastic / vinyl.

Rest of the car is just a bit "meh". Interior is boring. Tech is ok, but not really that different to the Volvo (i don't need to change the dashboard to a fireplace nor have a sketch pad as I'm not 5!).

And if I have one more colleague say "they're fast aren't they". Yes it is, but all electric cars are quick. It's like saying I've bought a boat and it floats really well!

I pretty much knew that I didn't want a Tesla, but this has just confirmed my initial thoughts. It's not inviting to drive either, a bit soul-less. Trying to organise a back to back drive in the Jag i-Pace vs Audi e-tron which Jaguar are running.
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