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Originally Posted by tosh View Post
Tried my HCW today, but didnít go too well.

My advice, donít do this anywhere near sun. You also need some water on the panel, if you try and use it near dry, itíll smear.

One side of the car was in the shade; that was fine; normal amount of water on the car, couple of sprays per panel and dried it with my normal towel.

Got to the other side, and most of the water had evaporated. Tried the same thing and the HCW dried on the panel and seemed to smear. Felt grabby like neat BSD.

It did look very good though, and no problems on glass and trim. I didnít spray the glass but the towel was running over it as I dried.

Found some smears on the sun side, felt like high spots, easy to buff off an hour later.

My take on this, is that itís very very thick, and difficult to get the right amount per panel. Much like BSD. But this is designed to be used with water left on the panel, so I am going to try cutting it with water to make it easier to use and try some other spray heads. I found a good trigger that worked with neat BSD.

I prefer Sonax spray and seal at this point (when I have access to a pressure washer), but I mostly do ONR washes with a Worx Hydroshot; so if I can get the consistency right by cutting it with water, I can see myself using it as a drying aid with every ONR wash.

Will see if itís hardened up tomorrow morning.

Will try the spray and rinse method next week

Looking forward to photos / thoughts of how itís doing ...

From reading the information about it, seems the spray and rinse method is the primary use, so hopefully better / easier to use ?
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